May 15, 2017

News & Politics 5/16/2017

Professional Blame Gamers

The funny thing about responsibility being for the responsible - a frequent opinion among Satanists - is that saying, "I take full responsiblity," or creating justification for irresponsibility from whole cloth doesn't magically absolve you of having to accept the consequences for your actions. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm an independent, and I vote for the people and policies who improve me and mine. Don't do anything for me - or work against me - and you don't get my vote. This juvenile game of shifting the blame or looking for excuses and justification when the consequences are politically impolite is the sort of thing that deserves to be killed with fire.

Case in point, Pat Buchanan is defending fabulist liar and confidence artist Donald Trump by excusing everything Trump says and does by simply blaming it on a conspiracy theory. Clearly, it's the fault of the damned, dirty, liberal media, leftists, and commie, pinko politicians. Clearly, they're just picking on Trump because they can't stand how wonderful he is. Gosh, don't they know it's rude to point out his faults? Let's all shed a tear for the crybaby-in-chief.

The best lies are based in truth.

But then, politicians and politics wouldn't be what they are if it weren't for the mental gymnastics and feats of verbal judo necessary to wrangle people into voting them into office, would it? And that's one of the things that really fascinates me as a fortune-teller: How and Why people lie. I'm not naive enough to say that "Nobody should lie!" As usual, I think that deceit and manipulation are a part of daily life, and the challenge isn't to always tell the truth, but to lie with moderation and for a specific reason.

Nobody's exempt from criticism.

I'm beating up on Trump right now because he's in the news right now, but truthfully - and I'm not lying! - I'd be beating up on Obama or Clinton if it were either of them in the hot-seat. Every politician lies, and no president in the White House is entirely who he or she appears. I happen to think that Obama did a lot of great stuff for the country - for example, the Affordable Care Act - but I'd be willfully blind to ignore the ways he expanded the power of the state to interfere in the lives of private citizens, expanded the size and scope of the drone program, authorized the use of drones to summarily execute US citizens living abroad without trial, and more. Obama wasn't perfect - not by a long shot - but we accepted his falsehoods because on the whole he was satisfying more people than he was disappointing.

Disposable allies are hard to replace.

Trump, on the other hand, has proven himself to be a complete and unmitigated failure of a president within the span of just 100 days. And me being who I am, I think that a large part of that is his inability to lie consistently and his spectacular habit of publicly murdering his surrogates who lie for him for the sole reason that his skin is so thin that he can't endure even the slightest criticism without searching for a scape goat.

I mean, really folks - this is Highschool 101: if you and your friends decide to skip out for the day so you can go smoke weed and drink beer in your parents' basement, you all have to tell the same story about how your car broke down on the way to school and you had to stay with it until the tow-truck came. When your mom smells ganja on your clothes and gets skeptical, you can't break down and blame it all on Stupid Larry because pretty soon Stupid Larry will become Smart Larry who stops covering for you. Who knows? He might even tell your other friends your dirty secrets just to get back on you.

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

So by this point, I think we can agree that deceit, falsehood, and manipulation are a part of daily life. Right? Everywhere you go, everybody's trying to get something and it's a never-ending game that spans the spectrum of embellishing the truth, bending the truth, lies by omission, little white lies, outright fantasy, stupefying falsehood, and everything in between. The challenge isn't to find somebody in life who doesn't lie, but to learn how to navaigate varying degrees of falsehood and make the best decision for yourself. 

In that sense, I suppose I'm grateful that Trump has finally come right out and said that nobody can believe anything that anybody says in the White House (including himself.) You get what I mean? Him saying that his press secretaries can't be 100% accurate when his press secretaries are doing nearly 24/7 damage control to re-spin his absurdities into something resembling reality is the most impossible thing I've ever heard. I mean, this is exactly like the door riddle in the movie The Labyrinth where one of the guardians always tells the truth, and one of them always lies, except in the example of Trump's White House, both doors are saying that the other always lies. How's this for a solution? Get a fire axe, cut through the bullshit, and knock both doors the fuck down.